Hacker101 CTF Writeup

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Hello World! - FLAG0

0x00 Index

The home page is looks like the following.

And it will print out hello xyz when you send whatever via a get request.

When make the std in 40 bytes long, some wried paddings are showing up.

When add one more byte, the program crushed and showed core dump.

0x01 Decompile

It also has a binary file availavle to download and analysis.

The binary file starts with something ELF. So may need to decompile it to take a look.

snowman is a pretty good decomplier for C/C++. Here I got the source vulnerable.c here.

There is an important function just before pringing out the FLAGS.

void print_flags() {
    int64_t rax1;
    int64_t rsi2;
    int64_t rdx3;
    void* rbp4;
    uint32_t eax5;
    unsigned char v6;
    int64_t rbp7;

    rax1 = fun_400550("FLAGS");
    fun_400560(rax1, rsi2, rdx3);
    rbp4 = reinterpret_cast<void*>(reinterpret_cast<int64_t>(__zero_stack_offset()) - 8 - 8 + 8 - 8 + 8 - 8 + 8 - 8);
    fun_400580(reinterpret_cast<int64_t>(rbp4) - 32, 0, 32);
    read_all_stdin(reinterpret_cast<int64_t>(rbp4) - 32, 0, 32);
    eax5 = v6;
    if (*reinterpret_cast<signed char*>(&eax5)) {
        fun_400570("Hello %s!\n", reinterpret_cast<int64_t>(rbp4) - 32, 32);
    } else {
        fun_400560("What is your name?", 0, 32);
    goto rbp7;

So we need add up the padding to it goto print the FLAGS at 0406ee

And here we get the flag.